Collaborations as Principal Investigator or through co-supervision


Prof. Warren Gross (Integrated Microsystems Group, McGill University)

Prof. David Plant and Prof. Andrew Kirk (Photonics Systems Group)

Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna in Pisa, Italy

Prof. Isabella Cerutti, Prof. Nicola Andriolli,

Prof. Pier Castoldi


Prof. Pierre Berini

(Universty of Ottawa)

Prof. Glenn Cowan

(Concordia University)


Canada Research Chair in Photonic Interconnects (Tier II, 2011-2016)


Discovery Grant Program (2008-2013)

Engage Program (2012-2013)


Projet de Recherche en Équipe (2011-2014)


Ten Program (2011-2012)


Canada Foundation for Innovation (2009-2011)


CMC Microsystems/Fabrication Resource (2012-2013)


Programme de soutien à la recherche (PSR), volet Soutien à des initiatives internationales de recherche et d'innovation (SIIRI) (2011-2014)
CIPI-TEN Program (2011-2012)
NSERC Engage program (2012-2013)
Italian Foreign Ministry (2011-2014)
OPNET University Program


February 2014

  • Meet Prof. Liboiron-Ladouceur and her student Peicheng Liao who will be at OFC 2014 presenting our recent paper from the RODIN project: "Gain Effect on the Scalability of SOA-based Optical Space Switches" (paper M3E.5).

    September 2013

    • We wish the best to our team members Xi Lu who graduated with an M.Eng now working at Ciena and Postdoc Mehrdad Mirshafiei now with the R&D team at Ericsson.

      August 2013

      • Meet Prof. Liboiron-Ladouceur at ECOC 2013 in London where she will present on September 25 "A Compact Silicon-on-Insulator Optical Hybrid for Low Loss Integration with Balanced Photodetectors," paper We.2.B.2.

      June 2013

      • Meet one of our Photonic DataCom team members at the IEEE Summer Topicals this summer in July were we will present our recent work. Prof. Liboiron-Ladouceur is also giving an invited presentation at Photonics in Switching on July 5th in Kyoto, Japan.

      September 2012

      • The Photonic DataCom team presented two papers (WM4 and TuI3) at the IEEE Photonics Society Conference in San Francisco next September.

      Summer 2012

      • Professor Liboiron-Ladouceur is Chapter Chair of the IEEE Photonics Society. For information about local events go to website

      • The Photonic DataCom team presented three papers at the SPIE Photonics North Conference in Montreal.

      May 2012

      • We congratulate Mr. Meer Sakib for receiving the SPIE Graduate Scholarship.

      February 2012

      • Our project RODIN was awarded the Premio Venezia from the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada honouring excellence in collaborations between Quebec and Italy.

      October 2011

      • Professor Liboiron-Ladouceur has been awarded a Canada Research Chair in Photonic Interconnects

      • The Photonic DataCom team presented three papers at the IEEE Photonics Conference in Arlington, VA (Oct. 9-13)

      September 2011

      • We wish the best to Mr. Venkat Mahalingam (M.Eng. 2011) who is now working at Telus in Montreal as a network design engineer

      August 2011

      • We congratulate Mr. Meer Sakib for receiving the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship